💥 How to close an interview 💥


Hiring managers expect you to showcase your skills & experience, however, confidently closing an interview requires courage & practice.

If you are applying for a sales role, it’s recommended that you close assertively. Although read the situation carefully as being too direct can also backfire.

As the interview concludes express why you are excited about the opportunity & summarise why you are a good fit. Then try some of these closing questions;

✔ What will help me be successful in the job?

✔ What is your feedback on my suitability for the role?

✔ Is there anything we discussed today that you would like me to clarify?

✔ What will be the next step for me?

✔ If I progress to the next step, what advice can you give me?

✔ Is there anything that would prevent you from progressing me?

✔ Do you feel confident to recommend me to the hiring manager?

👉 If the interviewer raises concerns about your candidacy or gives feedback, don’t be defensive. Acknowledge their concerns & then overcome them in a positive way.