• FRIDAY, JUNE 5, 2020

Social selling is part of our everyday lives, whether it be offline or online. It refers to how sales people develop relationships as part of the sales process. LinkedIn has a tool designed for sales people to measure how impactful their social selling efforts are on the platform.

Most people would know that a job seeker is trying to sell themselves to a prospective employer, however the hiring manager is also trying to sell the role and company to the best candidates in the market. So given the recruitment process involves sales, we believe the LinkedIn tool can be just as effective for active candidates and hiring managers who want to review and improve their online presence.

The tool measures the health of your LinkedIn profile and gives you a Social Sales Index (SSI) score. The score comprises four parameters;

🔸 YOUR PROFESSIONAL BRAND - based on having a complete profile, endorsed skills, media in your featured section and publishing posts

🔸 FINDING THE RIGHT PEOPLE - based on your profile views, groups you join, and how often you search for people

🔸 ENGAGING WITH INSIGHT - based on how active you are at sharing articles, in group discussions, commenting and reacting to posts

🔸 BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS – based on growing your network and connections

🥇 A score is given for each of these parameters so you can see the areas to improve. Your total SSI score is marked out of 100.

 If you want to get really competitive you’ll also see how you compare to people in your industry. 😁


So what does it mean?

Although there isn't a formal definition of what makes a good SSI score, you can probably assume anything in the 40s means you have got the basics of your profile right. A score in the 50s means you are probably starting to be more active on LinkedIn in terms of commenting on posts and writing some of your own ones. By focusing on the four parameters above you should be able to increase your score to above 60, which will help you get noticed and recognised as an active participant in your industry.

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