Why Choose Pharmaceutical Sales?

  • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 2019

Does your career need a health check?

The pharmaceutical industry attracts sales people from other industries because the products can really make a difference to patients’ lives. Pharmaceutical sales is a rewarding and dynamic career path and if you have a passion for healthcare and are great at selling, this could be the career move for you.

Here are some good reasons why a career in pharmaceutical sales might be for you.

  • There will always be a need and expectation to improve health outcomes for patients, especially as the population grows and people live longer.
  • The products promoted are backed up with scientific data and clinical evidence. In order for a prescription drug to be listed in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods a comprehensive application and assessment process is undertaken. The pharmaceutical company must provide enough data to support the quality, safety and efficacy of the medication.
  • The pharmaceutical sales industry is governed by a robust code of conduct and there are rules around how pharmaceutical representatives must go about their job.
  • Some pharmaceutical companies reinvest profits back into research and development, which is a good way to sure up a company’s future and provide career stability.
  • Many pharmaceutical companies are good corporate citizens and align with certain charities. Some companies will even provide employees with one to two days extra paid leave per year so that they may engage in fundraising or charitable events.
  • No industry experience required - Many pharmaceutical companies are willing to hire rookies with sales experience and tertiary qualifications, who they can train and develop into high performing reps.
  • Most pharmaceutical companies offer fantastic training and ongoing professional development. It is typical for companies to have new recruits undertake up to four weeks of training during the first three months on the job. In addition further training is provided through the year and at sales conferences. Some companies may even assist high performing individuals with tertiary studies e.g. MBA.
  • Do you want to learn from the best? The Field Sales Managers have all been top performing Pharmaceutical Reps. They work closely with each new representative to help them transition into the industry. Their support and guidance is immediate and on-going. You may also be assigned to a senior representative who will act as your mentor.
  • The starting package for rookies is pretty good too. As well as a base salary and super you will be provided with a fully maintained company car and have the opportunity to earn performance bonuses. Your pay rises are based on your performance rather than how long you have been in the role.

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